Library of Congress

The Preservation Directorate at the Library of Congress

Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI)
Publication Sales – 1030 Innes Road
Ottawa, Ontario K1A o M5, Canada.

Image Permanence Institute (IPI)
Rochester Institute of Technology
70 Lamb Memorial Drive
Rochester, New York 146223-5604
Phone: (585) 475-5199

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
1 rue de Varembe, case postale 56, CH-1211
Geneva 20, Switzerland
Email: N/A

Society of American Archivists (SAA)
17 N. State Street, Ste. 1425
Chicago, IL 60602-3315
Phone: (312) 606-0722
Toll free: (866) 722-7858
Fax (312): 606-0728

Photography Museum List
(The following link is a good starting point to locate museums and galleries specializing in photography on the internet.)