Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI)

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How to Care for Photographic Materials
Care of Encased Photographic Images (Notes 16/1), 2007

Care of Black-and-White Photographic Glass Plate Negatives (Notes 16/2), 2007

Care of Black-and-White Photographic Negatives on Film (Notes 16/3), 2007

Care of Black-and-White Photographic Prints (Notes 16/4), 2007

Care of Colour Photographic Materials (Notes 16/5), 2007

Processing contemporary black-and-white photographic films and papers for maximum permanence (Notes 16/6), 2007

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

The following publications are available for purchase through the ISO website:

ISO 18901:2010
Imaging Materials — Processed Silver-Gelatin Type Black-and-White Specifications for Stability

ISO 18902:2013 (E)
Imaging Materials – Processed Photographic Films, Plates and Papers—Filing Enclosures and Storage Containers

ISO 18911:2010 (E)
Imaging Materials — Processed Safety Photographic Films — Storage Practices

ISO 18918:2000 (E)
Imaging Materials — Processed Photographic Plates – Storage Practices

Library of Congress (LoC)

Photographic Preservation FAQ’s

Care, Handling, and Storage of Photographs – Overview

Care, Handling, and Storage of Photographs. Leaflet 2002
(Available online by title, and for printing –10 pages.)
Download PDF version


Digital Preservation
LoC Digital Preservation Newsletter and Related Digital Information

David G. Horvath. The Acetate Negative Survey. Final Report.
Louisville, KY: University of Louisville, 1987
Download PDF version

Reilly, James M. The IPI Storage Guide for Acetate Film.
Rochester, NY: Image Permanence Institute, 1993
Download PDF version

The Storage Guide for Color Photographic Materials.
Albany and Rochester:
University of the State of New York,
New York State Education Dept.,
New York State Library,
the New York State Program for the Conservation and Preservation of Library Research Materials, 1998
Order book from the New York State Library here

University of Kentucky. Focus on Photo Care and Preservation.
Lexington: UK Cooperative Extension Service (HHF-LRA.141)
Available online by title, and for  printing — 9 pages.
Download PDF here

Lavédrine, Bertrand. Photographs of the Past: Process and Preservation.
Los  Angeles: The Getty Conservation Institute, 2009
(Chase Weaver’s comments: A fine, recent overview of all of the reasonably durable photographic processes and materials since Niépce, Daguerre, and Fox Talbot. There are excellent illustrations of black & white and color photography, stable and deteriorating. Includes a chapter on “Digital Imaging and Conservation”.)

Pénichon, Sylvie. Twentieth Century Color Photographs : Identification and Care.
Los  Angeles: The Getty Conservation Institute, 2013.
(Al Weber’s comments: The book is of interest, [but] it doesn’t go far enough. It is too brief on buffered interleaving. The problem is that [such researchers as] Jack Coote and Henry Wilhelm…base their studies on accelerated fade techniques, that don’t always pan out in the field.  Wilhelm limits the life of “C” materials to a few years. I’m still printing some dated 1969…. My storage appears to have been perfect, [with] no credit to me and my old shoe boxes placed on a shelf in the garage. [Microclimates do/can make a difference.] The history part of the book is well done, but it also has a few holes. It makes a good read, to those interested.)

Rempel, Sigfried. The Care of Photographs.
New York: Nick Lyons Books, 1987.
(Out of print but available online through Amazon and other used book dealers.)

Ritzenthaler, Mary Lynn, and Diane L. Vogt-O’Conner, et. al. Photographs: Archival  Care and Management.
Chicago: Society of American Archivists, 2006.
(The second edition of one of the most reliable publications on archival preservation and organization of photographs.)

Eastman Kodak Co. Care and Identification of 19th Century Photographic Prints.
Rochester, N.Y.:, 1986
(See especially: Chapter V: Preservation and Collection Management; Chapter VI: Storage, and Chapter VII, Handling, Display and Care.).

Wilhelm, Henry, with Carol Brower, contributing editor.
The Permanence and Care of Color Photographs: Traditional and Digital Color Prints, Color Negatives, Color Slides and Motion Pictures.
Grinnell, Iowa: Preservation Publishing Company, 1993.